Virtual tour of the David Parr House

Key Information

Price: £12/person (£13 with a donation)

Duration: 1 hour

When: Wednesdays / Fridays

Times: 10.00, 11.30, 13.30 and 15.00

Website: David Parr House


The COVID 19 outbreak has had a huge impact on the number of people wanting to visit Cambridge but one charity has risen to the challenge. Not wanting people to miss out on the culture and stories of this amazing City the David Parr charity is now running virtual 3D tours of this iconic house.

David Parr, was a decorative artist who worked for the Cambridge firm, F R Leach & Sons. In 1886, he bought 186 Gwydir Street, a small but modest terraced house. Over the next 40 years he applied his trade, knowledge and experience and transformed his house into what you can see today. The outcome from the decades of work is a truly extraordinary representation of the Arts and Crafts movement.


The terraced house was painstakingly preserved, logged and catalogued by Elsie Palmer, David’s granddaughter and the team of helpers. The David Parr team worked with a company called Matterport to recreate a 3D representation of the whole house and Garden. You will join the guides on a zoom call that will not fail to disappoint as they show you around the house and see the various tools and techniques he used to create this truly iconic interior.

As part of the tour you will also be given access to Matterport to explore the house yourself after the tour. Whilst viewing the house there are various ‘hot spots’ that provide more detail. The controls whilst at first hand appear complicated are easy to pick up even for a technophobe.

The tours are run every Wednesday and Friday at various times and cost £12 per person with a maximum of 8 people on a tour.